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Ritam is a news and views aggregator that will sift through various regional and national sources and present the receiver with very select data rather than push indiscriminate packets of news that only result in data overload. It is time to rise above the cacophony of Left, west promoted pseudo secular and socalled liberal dominated media. 80% of the media is controlled by these forces and it corners nearly 80% of the funds owing into this segment including FDI. Ritam is an attempt at providing a common platform for disseminating news, views and thoughts from people and publications who believe in the eternal nature of this land called Bharat.

Multilingual App

Multilingual App that aspires to offer a spectrum of 12 languages to the user. Currently we present content in English, Hindi, Marathi, Bangla, Telugu, Malayalam,Tamil, Kannada.

User Experience

Currently aggregating news and articles from about 40+ portals. We aspire to grow this list of content partners to bring about a more holistic reading experience for the user.

Time Saving

Users will be able to browse content from various news portals together at one place and thus save time, energy and cost of surfing multiple web sites

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